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Hound Dog Taylor's Hand

Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand, purveyors of the avant-primitive, are pleased to present our second full length LP, released October 11, 2019 by Planned Obsolescence Recording & Novelty, Inc.


We are a quartet of spontaneous players wielding electric guitar, trumpet, contrabass and drum set. The music we present here, while mostly improvised and recorded live, leans toward the “rock” end of the musical spectrum and includes healthy doses of what some may construe as “free jazz.”


The only track on our new album that is not improvised is a cover song titled “You Can’t Leave Now” by the seminal British band Wire. 


Since our 2016 Abduction Records debut, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand has performed around the great Northwest alongside Eugene Chadbourne, feedtime, Acid Mothers Temple, Jooklo Duo, Lori Goldston, Sir Richard Bishop, Lee Ranaldo, Kinski and many other fine performers.


Perhaps that bit of information will give you a better understanding of our bent as improvising musicians. Perhaps it just confuses the matter further. This we leave for you to determine.


Here are some accounts of others who have described our approach:

"Hound Dog Taylor's Hand bring a highbrow brutalism and cranky chaos to jazz rock. They sound like Hound Dog Taylor's actual hand looks: scary and slightly off - Fans of Sonny Sharrock and Billy Cobham's Spectrum, take note." 

-- Dave Segal, The Stranger


“Led by the guitar work of Jeffery Taylor of Climax Golden Twins. The material is instrumental improvisation over a jazzoid rhythm section. Something like a cross between Taste and Rangda, with all traces of Sri Chinmoy wiped clean." -- Byron Coley, Wire Magazine


"As you’d guess, this is pretty far from my musical sensibility but I listened and enjoyed the chaos in parts, the slide guitar, and the rather free form soloing." -- Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records


“Fucking garbage, an insult to the memory of Hound Dog Taylor”. - Frank, from the Internet


Evaluate for yourself whether we bring a new sound into the legacy of American improvised music or if we at least strung a few bangers together long enough to enjoy a couple of Rainiers. Thank you for listening.

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